Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cart - Cynthia Lumzy Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cynthia Lumzy
Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cart - Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cynthia Lumzy

HAUSOFWIGZ/ High Quality Adjustable Strap for Wigs



High quality reinforced elastic


Heavy duty metal ring and clips so that it will hold up over time.


Incredibly strong and easily adjustable for firm control


This strap holds everything in place to provide you with reliability, security and stability.


Its holding power makes brushing, curling, straightening and setting easier.


Use the band to secure wigs or hair pieces on your head or on a mannequin for styling and cutting demos.


It’s PERFECT for travel and if your a stylist that works on movie sets YOU MUST HAVE A FEW OF THESE IN YOUR CASE!!!!!

This is an American made wig strap for professional use ranging from hair stylists to storefront owners and personal use.






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Our wigs are custom colored to your personal liking.