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Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cart - Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Hues by Cynthia Lumzy Cynthia Lumzy




Quickly hydrate and restore life back into all your human hair pieces, human hair extensions, human hair WIGZ, and weaves with THE HYDRATOR!!!!!


The  easy to use system will super charge every hair mask, deep conditioning treatment, hot oil treatment you apply with even heat distribution. Your hairpieces will absorb all the goodness of the treatment while effectively promoting improved split ends and repairing hair damage, it will help make your hair silky smooth and healthy again. ALSO PERFECT FOR PREPPING YOUR WIGZ AND BUNDLES PRIOR TO ALL COLORING SERVICES!!!!! Making at home care easier than ever.


Large enough to fit multiple hairpieces at 1 time.


The flame retardant and detachable design makes for swift cleaning. The adjustable temperature control settings promote even heat distribution custom treatments based on the needs of the pieces. The uniform heating system will effectively mend split and repair the cuticles leaving the hair smooth and silky. The ultimate BEST FRIEND for ALL CURLY AND TEXTURED commercial hair pieces.




With the SMART THERMOSTAT inside the HYDRATOR, it will automatically disconnect when it reaches 150 degrees. If the temperature is lower than 85 degrees, it will automatically heat up. NEVER TOO HOT OR TOO COLD ALWAYS JUST RIGHT.


*Plug the HYDRATOR into the electrical socket.

*Choose your desired setting.

*Shampoo your human hair piece and follow with your favorite conditioning treatment.

*Wrap treated hairpiece in a plastic bag or cap.

*Place the hairpiece in the HYDRATOR.

*Close the HYDRATOR process for 15-60min.

*In COLD water rinse until the water runs clear.

*Towel dry to remove access water and either air dry or blow dry.



Can the HYDRATOR be used on synthetic hair? 

Answer: NO 


Can I process more than 1 hair piece at a time?

Answer: YES the design is larger and can hold multiple pieces at a time.


Will the HYDRATOR burn my hairpieces?

Answer: if used correctly it will not burn your hairpieces. 

CLEAN with damp towel soap and water. The shell can be removed for easy cleaning DO NOT submerge the HYDRATOR outer case underwater. Keep out of reach of children.


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Our wigs are custom colored to your personal liking.